Architecture and Urban Research
About This Project:

Auditorium – cultural and social architecture.

List of Team Members Loft Buro: Oleg Volosovskiy, Dana Kosmina.

Brief description of project:

The concept of the pavilion is inspired by the aesthetics of the constructivist theatrical scenography of the 20-s. The structure of the Auditorium captures the surrounding space in its red perimeter and gives an opportunity to conduct a “Production spectacle” where all people, both on stage and in the parter, are participants of the performance. Auditorium is an autonomous stage for lectures, exhibitions, cinema shows which can be moved around the city depending on the planned activities in the city districts. The spatial solution consists of a square mesh of 1 x 1 m the basis of which is the Auditorium and all extra activities are strung on the empty mesh squares.

Kyiv 2017