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About This Project:

Competition for Resolute Arch

I’ve decided to apply for Resolute Arch to bring in Kiev a new vision of what could be a new arch symbol in 2018? This interrogation is related with soviet sculpture “People’s Friendship Arch” build in 1882. The political crisis in 2014 changed the perception of city monuments and the soviet heritage became contradictorily. I believe that the antidote of the aggressive reaction on the undesirable past linked to USSR is not the razing of historical layer but the new interactions whit. An urban structure that is related to the self-appropriation could change in positive way in one hand keeping self-identity in other change with new activities. An urban structure that is related to the such local problem is an ideal platform to future Resolute Arch energy. Two arch from different periods brining together could extend the range of new people’s friendship.

The ethics and form of the implementation of new ukrainian national decorations absolutely dissociates with the city space. The policy of decommunization over the past 3 years pushes to the accumulation of national symbolic and hides the soviet monuments. Contrary to the monumental works of Soviet art, which were part of the architectural structure, mural and banners with national motives parasitize on existing architectural ensembles. Under the slogans of beautify the urban space from 2014 was reactivated the wrapping of facades in bright covers: a 53-meter girl in vyshyvanka, the commandments of God, the spirit of the revival of Ukraine, the cossacks, the flags, the kalyna – is only a piece of the post-maidan decoration aesthetics. Those political methods to interact whit the heritage from USSR period are extra painful for the young generation.


The Kyiv Friendship Arch constructed in 1982 by sculptor A. Skoblikov and architect I. Ivanov had also surfed from desires to being cleaned from city structure : “In the framework of decommunization in Ukraine in May 2016, it was decided to dismantle the Arch of Friendship of Peoples. The need to demolish the monument was announced by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevgeny Nishchuk.” In  april 2017, the arch decided to cover whit gluing colored paper in the colors of the rainbow but the proses was stopped whit city activists. The governmental structures manipulating symbolical approach that this arch is just a sign reunification of Ukraine with Russia, don’t want to create an open dialog to resolve this issue.


The Resolute Arch from Rhodeswork Design Studio could be this resolution. The main idea of Resolute Arch in Kiev is extension of people’s friendship. The project aims to install Resolute Arch on opposite sight of Kyiv arch in Trukhaniv Island and create a dialog between two arches as a symbol of international friendship. This silent dialogue will be supported by an installation of reflective mirrors. They will communicate with sign language in form of sunbeams.Thus, the deprivation of the right to speak will acquire a new visual language.