Exhibition Scenography
About This Project:


We don’t know our neighbors by name – most of the times, we don’t even know how they look like. Yet, through social media, we are extremely familiar with the dietary habits of someone who we have never met and is oceans apart from us. They might not even know we exist, but we feel, we are part of their tribe – One of the many tribes we belong to.

FOUNDATION is a proposal for a new community formed by strangers, that will build its own space and its own bonds. In seven days. Without communicating with the outside world. Without leaving the gallery.

Together with Dana Kosmina, and Eduardo Cassina, of METASITU, the other four FOUNDERS selected through an anonymous open call are Laura Yuile, Illia Yakovenko, Grace Euna Kim, and Ellen H Tracy. – The six of them will be inside FOUNDATION for a week (1st – 7th February 2019), without leaving the premises of DAS ESSZIMMER, nor contact with the outside World, building the foundations for a new city based on affiliation and community creation between strangers.

The results will form the exhibition and be visible from 14th February to 14th April 2019 at DAS ESSZIMMER.

The exhibition design is by Dana Kosmina.