About This Project:

Dana Kosmina

Huts Housing Complex



courtesy of the artist

The so-called housing estates have become the hallmark of Kiev’s modern landscape. Both the suburbs and the city center have been developed chaotically, built up with identical buildings. At the same time, Roma settlements are mushrooming around Ukraine’s largest cities. The dissimilarity of their houses makes the Roma susceptible to intolerant neighbours, who carry out nighttime pogroms. Such attacks, committed by supporters of the extreme right, evoke rather apathetic condemnation (and sometimes direct support) from the Ukrainian public. In her work, Dana Kosmina juxtaposes these two types of housing estates, comparing two ways of life practiced by neighbors living in the same city. Kosmina catalogues Roma buildings and presents them against the background of the “Khalabuda” housing complex, underlining the diversity of these anarchist forms and pointing out that otherness is becoming a source of hatred today.