About This Project:

Majority people

Video, 03:28 min.


Video was created in a collaboration with the Kyiv music group “Volosy Ptitz”. The text of the song formed the basis of the storyline video.

Majority is an ephemeral concept that is often used for manipulation. The majority of votes becomes an abstract entity to determine: the idols of nations, canons of beauty, ethics of behavior, models of relationships. The dictatorship of the standards of the majority destroys a unique world of individual independence. Media as a driving force in standardizing living standards produces a gregarious reflex

of thinking. Propaganda through the prism of television, advertising, pop music constructs an ideal dimension with a vivid picture of carelessness.

The video appeals to media images: “fiancee”, “euroremont”, “exotic trip”, “natural disaster”, “worker and kolkhoz woman”. Through the pink masks of the majority shows an endless skyline of opportunities. A collage of elements forms an irrealistic dimension with the complete destruction of propaganda and explosive freedom of choice.