Work in public space
About This Project:

Cinema on  School of Architecture rooftop

Team work – Etienne Baulu, Gabriela Chafloque, Emmanuel Chomarat, Lucille Daunay, Cécile Dumont, Pauline Dumoulin, Quentin Duval, Juliette Estiot-Pourteau, Yannis Frémont- Marinopoulos, Simon Galland, Sylvain Guitard, Clément Jacq, Pauline Kerzerho, Barthémély Laignel, Audrey Lemercier, Robin Lenoard, Aude Nguyen Huu, Anastasia Rohaut, Brendan Ruellan, Camille Sablé, Lenaïc Sinet, Julie Travers, Dana Kosmina.

In Nantes, every summer, the city gets animated by exhibitions, installations and art in public spaces.

The public place located on the top of the school is a one of the remarkable place choosen by Le Voyage à Nantes.

The client’s demand was to create a living place on the rooftop, in order to make people discover this rather unknown location.

We created the outdoor cinema based on driving cinema and billboards on rooftops.

Nantes 2014