About This Project:

Video work “Past Yesterday” was created in a collaboration with the Kyiv music group “Nisantashi primary school ”.

Verse repeating in video: ”Push past yesterday, looped round and about, there will never be a future Kharkiv, there will never be a future Lviv, I dream of Asian women and silver-wing drones.”-  permeates all video and makes us dreaming about the prohibited future. The collapse of the desired and the reality brings us into an intimate universe of sadness and disappointment full of hopes. The entire cosmic loneliness just with mythological beings around, gives the possibility for free flow of unattainable dreams. Created from the substance of the thoughts, the main character built up her human semblance throughout the video. The process of evolution of aspirations gives her the human body. More critical she sees the absence of the future , faster she can disrupt with the buggy past.

Poisonous aesthetics of the video irritates the effectiveness of material transient changes and pay attention on the physiological, internal progression of the personality.

Kyiv 2017