Exhibition Scenography
About This Project:

Scenography produced for exhibition PEOPLE AND ROCKET [in a closed city] is an open laboratory that took place in Dnipro (Gallery space on 17 Husenka St.)

Curator:​ Kateryna Semenyuk, Maria Semenenko, Anna Pohribna

Scenography: Igor Sokolov, Dana Kosmina

Photographer: Oleg Samoilenko

Dnipropetrovsk (today Dnipro) was a closed city from 1959 to 1987 owing to the production of rockets at the Southern Machine-Building Plant (known as Pivdenmash). While this fact is common knowledge, very little is known about life in this closed city. Its residents’ stories won’t be found in Soviet archives detailing the plant’s production of tractors and children’s bikes, and the rest was concealed in party documents. How do you add the shades and variations of relations between people, production, ideology and consumption to this (missing) official history? What did the categories “closed” and “open” mean then and what are they today? Did the “legacy of a closed city” leave its mark on modern Dnipro? These issues were explored during a three-day event that included a documentary exhibition, laboratory and public program developed in collaboration with historians and museum workers.

This project was implemented in the framework of the Tandem–Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine. Tandem–Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation(Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin). Programme is implemented by MitOst and Insha Osvita (Kyiv), supported by the Federal Foreign Office (Berlin) in the framework of “Dialogue for Change”.

Dnipro 2017