About This Project:

Exibition in Baku, Azerbaijan
Art Prospect Residency
Social memory is inseperable part of the city. It is the remembrance that stays with us. Every society develops its unique architecture creating specificity of place. Coexistence of historical and contemporary elements can be different. In Baku the explosion of private capital creates conflict of these elements. Ambitious project are being created, which tends to destroy historical elements and replace it with new ones. It is a memory with gaps for construction of park complexes, quarters
that are detached from local identity and which in return creates showcase-like image of the city.
Project “Souvenir” – is a series of square metal plates with printed black stamps on them. Then, images with certain architectural elements of “Vorstadt” were placed onto these plates. Magnets could be taken after exhibition as souvenirs about city memory. After, all magnets were taken there were left just black traces of remembrance. Series were exhibited in public space of “Vorsdadt”, in a tunnel, which were formed on the juncture of new and historical building.

Introductory part took place in “Çıxış”, where Dana read poetry about Baku as a consummation of her toddles in the streets and impressions.
Video from exhibition –